Still Life Paintings
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cabbage still life
lemon still life
onion still life
still life of opened pomegranite
orange pepper still life
oriental lily still life
pomegrenite still life
purple plum still life
white iris still life
portrait of Denny's Rhett
oil painting of Lisa's artichoke
portrait of Gin's puppy
portrait of a fresh orange
portrait of a golden pear
pomegranite partly eaten
portrait of a lemon
red bell pepper from Janet Powers' garden
artichoke still life
garlic heads painted by janet powers
cabbage from Janet Powers' garden
Alex's cat Grayfield
Asiatic Lily from the garden, original oil paiinting
Zinnea and Bee l
Zinnea and Bee l

"My grandmother had a very devout love for gardening, and one of my early childhood memories is being able to tag along with her to help with the special treat of dead-heading her flowers. This clearly had a major influence on me, and I've loved to garden from the time of my first yard. Vegetable gardening was always special not only because of the obvious benefits of the bounty, but also the visual excitement of the fruits. The shapes, colors, and textures are varied and wonderful.

From the begining of my art career, I have used vegetables as models for paintings, as many times there just isn't a 'warm body' available. They are readily obtainable, and they don't squirm! Rather than painting still life set-ups, I prefer to paint portraits of the shapes, as it's easier to simplify the composition.

The eggplants depicted in the recent paintings were so beautiful growing in my garden that I hated to pick them. But since they were grown to be eaten, I did pick them. I could get past my reluctance to cut them only after immortalizing them by painting them."

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