Italian Landscape Paintings
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Italian castle on a hill
rural grapevines
cute tuscany donkeys
brilliant I taian sky

Paul and I spent the month of May in Italy just on the Tuscany/Umbria border in the Nicone valley. I painted much of the time, and actually came home with twenty five painted canvases rolled up in my back pack.

From our villa, anywhere you looked was a painting. It did take some adjusting as there was so much green. And it was big, tall green, unlike our very flat low country. The panoramic views were beautiful and there was so much there that I had difficulty simplifying the design at first. The light there is lovely. The skies and clouds were ever changing and dramatic.

In each week was a different phase of the farming progression. The first week was all green grass. The second week was mowed grass which turned the fields to wonderful mauves and tans with the drying of the grasses. The third week showed huge rolled bales of hay dotting the landscape, and finally there were hectares and hectares of neatly planted eggplants and corn. It was neat to experience such different visuals. Being a part of the simplicity of Italian living and the magnificent beauty of the land was a life altering adventure for us. It is one we won't forget.

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photo of JanetPowers painting plein air is Italy