Janet Powers Workshops -November 9-11, 2014

This workshop will be held at Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge and is based mainly on composition and design of the landscape, with emphasis on simplifying and 'loosening up'.

Fee: $300.00 for the three day workshop. A $50 deposit will hold you a spot and will be nonrefundable unless your spot can be filled. The remaining $250 can be paid at the workshop. Lodging, meals, and transportation will be up to you. Send the deposit to Janet Powers, 100 Queens Court, Brunswick GA 31523

Daily Schedule: 9:00am demonstration and short lecture, followed by painting session with individual instruction.
12:00 break for lunch.
1:00 (or earlier) afternoon painting session with individual instruction.
3:00-4:00 (or 5) group critique of the day’s work. The afternoon session may move inside to either finish up sketches and exercises from the morning, or work from photos of the landscape or still life. We will be flexible with this.

Supply List for oils: I will be painting with oils on canvas or panel, but you feel free to work in any medium that you choose.

Brushes: Use what you have, and what you're accustomed to. I mostly use GamblinWinsor Newton # 10, and #18 -galleria short flat, a rigger, a small round.

Palette Knife.

Colors: These are the colors that I own, but the palette I use for painting is normally limited to fewer than these. Again, feel free to use any color you may already have. Any good brand will do; I use mostly Gamblin and Winsor Newton.

  • Titanium white
  • cadmium yellow
  • naples yellow
  • yellow ochre
  • cadmium orange
  • cerulean blue
  • paynes gray
  • cobalt blue
  • raw umber
  • burnt umber
  • burnt sienna
  • raw sienna
  • olive green
  • greenish umber
  • brown madder
  • terra rosa
Primed canvases or other supports: recommended sizes are 11x14-16x20, or whatever you feel comfortable with outdoors-working fast. Bring at least two to four canvases per day, plus at least SIX 5x7 or 8x10‘s for doing quick studies. They should be toned ahead with a tint of your choice. I prefer a neutral tone, such as a warm gray, but it is a personal choice. (when I am finished with a painting session, I will use the left over paint on my canvas to tone, and that is usually the perfect tone for me.) On the last day a long canvas such as a 12x24 may be desired. You probably won't use all of these, but it's pretty awful to run out!

Easel: French or other portable.

Palette: I use a disposable one. You use whatever you like.

Medium, and solvent or cleaner: I use Gamblin or Liquin for the medium, and Turpinoid Natural for the thinner or cleaner in small bottles. A tube of Resin Gel can be used in lieu of Gamblin/Liquin medium.

Rags or paper towels.

Sketch Book, pencil, for thumbnail value studies or taking notes. Charcoal, pencil or brush for canvas drawing.

Campstool for sitting or a table top. BUG SPRAY just in case. Drinking water. Oooooh, did I possibly forget lunch???

Optional: brimmed hat, umbrella, sun block and long sleeve shirt. Digital camera or landscape photos of your own in case of inclement weather. Since we may have somewhat of a walk at times it is best to minimize your stash and lighten your load.
You will receive emails of where to meet and other pertinent information a couple of weeks prior to the beginning date of the workshop. Please call me with questions: (912) 466-9791 home, (912) 554-0056 gallery, or email: janet@janetpowers.com.

*And please, don’t go out and buy supplies unless you need them. These are simply what I use and just suggestions, so use what you’re comfortable with.