Coastal Landscape Paintings - III
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energetic storm painting of twin lightening
Cloudy sky over quiet marsh by Janet Powers
sunset from the St Simmons pier
janet powers painting of Fancy Bluff sunset
Little Satilla River painted from our community dock
Clam Creek landscape painting by Janet Powers
oil original of tranquil marsh
sunset fon the Brennan's yard
janet powers lush oil painting of Blythe Island
winding clam creek oil painting
serene sunset of Janet Powers view
little satilla treelines painting
janet powers painting of the darien river
the Everett's view by Janet Powers
mellow muted marsh grasses
deep space marsh landscape by Janet Powers
marsh and sky landscape by Janet Powers

"The Southern coast of Georgia allegedly possesses one third of the globe’s healthy salt marsh, creating a vast amount of deep and wide open space. This spaciousness holds a tremendous allure and mystery for me.

After many years of finding landscapes difficult to paint, I finally felt these distant simple shapes could make well designed compositions, and these paintings are part of a twelve year long series. Rather than just documenting the landscapes as they are, my paintings are meant to portray a mood. Therefore I use a somewhat monochromatic color scheme with muted earthy colors and purposefully keep the values close in range so as to not distract from the mood.

Aside from the poetic beauty of the land, these marshes have their own spirit and vitality. There are incessant changes with the ebb and flow of the tide, the ever changing light with the time of day, atmospheric conditions, and the seasons. The salty smells, the tingle of balmy breezes, the squawking of sea gulls, the violent and fast lived thunder storms all excite and seduce me. I feel such a strong connection to this mystical land, and this connection is what I hope to share through my paintings."

To see more of Janet Powers' lush landscapes and other original fine art, visit our gallery web site: the Gallery on Newcastle

See the News page for information on Janet Powers' 2010 Spring plein air workshop and her coffee table book of coastal Georgia marsh landscape paintings.