Bird Paintings
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egret in reeds
lemon still life
onion still life
still life of opened pomegranite
orange pepper still life
snoozing pelican
house sparrow
young egret
posing egret
lone heron
where's the fish?
stalking heron
original oil painting of a sand piper
eating on the run
creeping egret
janet powers original oil painting of an egret
janet powers original oil painting of an egret
egret perched on a driftwood branch

"Other than the vegetables and fruits in my garden, I thoroughly enjoy studying and watching our many birds, and so have begun to sketch and paint them. During our recent trip to Mexico, the series of paintings I worked on consisted of the sand pipers, egrets, and (two) herons. They were feeding at the edge of the surf, and focused enough to ignore the humans walking by, but not the chasing dogs. It was fascinating to watch them devour the lower life crustations as well as maneuver the surf.

As artists, we're so influenced by our environment, and it's completely natural to express those parts of life that are most important to us. Nature is one of those things for me."

To see some of the Southeast's finest art, and more of Janet Powers' works, visit our gallery web site: the Gallery on Newcastle

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