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egret in reeds
stone carving of a little tree frog
onion still life
still life of opened pomegranite
orange pepper still life
my Dad's old fishing lure
bird skull with copper wire hat
a gathering of remains such as shells and a bone
broken wine glass with a family of barnicles and a fallen baby barnacle
little bad girl
collage with an old bell
collage with rose bud
collage with metal
eating on the run
creeping egret
janet powers original oil painting of an egret
janet powers original assemblage

Where have all the children gone?!

"I suddenly find myself the grandmother of four precious little girls from the ages of 5 months to 7years, and am disturbed by the cultural shift that has caused these children to give up much of their childhood innocence. They have gone from "Easy Bake" to hot, sexy girl syndrome. The first five of these works is a series that makes a social statement. It is called "Child Sexuality on a Pedestal".

The other pieces are found objects that would otherwise be in the landfill, and to a great extent are animal parts, which I revere as an integral part of nature."

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